Faculty & Staff

William E. Engel

Nick B. Williams Professor of English
Gailor Hall 135 / ext. 1361

Donald Charles Huber

Visiting Assistant Professor of Classical Languages
Gailor Hall 22 / ext. 1868

Matthew W. Irvin

Associate Professor of English, Chair of Medieval Studies
Gailor Hall 21 / ext. 3366

Shelley MacLaren

University Gallery Director
Guerry Hall 109 / ext. 1223

Kelly Malone

Associate Professor of English and Chair of English
Gailor Hall 115 / ext. 3368

Christopher Michael McDonough

Professor and Chair of Classical Languages
Director of the Humanities Program
Gailor Hall 18 / ext. 1519

Andrew P. Moser

Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Carnegie 203C / ext. 3350

Stephen B. Raulston

Professor of Spanish
Gailor Hall 236 / ext. 1526

Donald Rung

Associate Professor of French and French Studies
Gailor Hall 217 / ext. 1521

Elizabeth A. Skomp

Associate Professor of Russian and Associate Dean of the College
Walsh-Ellett 115 / ext. 1254

Jeffrey Thompson

Associate Professor of Art History and Chair of Film Studies
Carnegie 308 / ext. 1493

Eric Thurman

Associate Professor of Religion
Walsh-Ellett 207 / ext. 1351

Kelly J. Whitmer

Associate Professor of History
Cleveland Annex 7 / ext. 1723